“The level of service at TRINITY FAMILY LIFE CENTER is fantastic. 
Trinity had 47 youth and adult supporters in the Martin Luther King Motor Parade for 2012. Thanks Pride Inc. for Keeping Our Dream Alive.
Trinity Family Life Center Youth Enhancement After Shcool Program service 90 youth with tutoring in reading, writing, and math, 3 days a week 47 youth advanced to a higher grade, we also have a Beauty & Talent Departments that developed Youths Talent, IN 2011 32 YOUTH PARTICAPATED IN MARTIN LUTHER KING MOTOR PARADE, BRIGHTSIDE COMMUNITY CLEAN, YOUTH FUNDRAISER FASHION SHOW
Trinity helped 5 Entreprenuerials incorporate their own business for 2011
Trinity helped participants  in 2011 - filing 171 motions for Expungments and 137 charges granted expunged. 
Trinity has Partnered with 100's of Organizations to provide TOTAL RESOURCES.
I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every volunteer member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. TRINITY FAMILY LIFE CENTER was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
oct.6 2010, On behalf of Councilman David Tandy this was an enjoyable occasion.We certainly wish you and the center much continued success.The community will be hearing good things for years to come from this vision for educational excellence at 3811 Hale Avenue. Take care,Dale
A.Dale Josey  Legislative Aide  4th District Councilman David W. Tandy   Metro City Hall   601 West Jefferson Street Loiusville ,Kentucky 40202 Office (502)574-1104 FAX(502)574-4501
Oct.13,2010,I would like to say thank you for the shining beacon of light the Trinity Life Center will provide to the many folks coming west off the 264 interstate,and those that live in and around the surrounding area.With the vision you and the other volunteers shared,I suspect this center will literally transform the lives of many,many men,women,boys and girls.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the grand opening celebration.I was blesses at the opening event.    DR. JUDITH "JUDY" GREEN 1st District Councilwoman Loiusville Metro council    601 West Jefferson Street Loiusville,Kentucky 40202 office(502)574-1104 fax(502)574-4501
November 23,2010  Dear Friends,   I wish that I could join you for the grand opening of the total resource Center,but unfortunatey,my schedule conflicts with today's event. Since entering office,I have had the privilege of witnessing the important work of Trinity Family Life Center in the Shawnee neighborhood.In his thirty years of community service,Pastor Scott Kelso ans his dedicated staff have enriched the lives of children and asults who otherwise would have fallen through the cracks.Shawnee is a vibrant commuinty,in large oart due to the numerous outreach programs offered by Trinity Family Life Center.Tthat is why i am happy to join the center's staff and all of you in celebrating the begining of a new chaper.The opening of the Total Resource Center will help better equip neighborhood youth and young adults with the skilld needed to be productive and self sufficient citizens--ready to tackle any obstacle on the road of life.  Theattention,dedication,and resources the Trinity Family Life Center will continue to build on thier accomplishments for years to come . It is my honor to serve as your ally in Congress,and I know that bgy working together we will succeed in meeting the needs of all Louisvillians.Again,congratulations on the opening of the Total Resource Center and I wish you continued success.  Sincerely John Yarmuth Member of Congress
June9,2011 Dear Friends, Thank you for inviting me to night's event,but my Congressional scheule conflicts with this dinner.However,I am honored to have the opportunity to add my voice to those recognizing the exceptional students,staff,andvolunteers of Trinity Family Life Center's Youth Enhancement After School Program.  To compete in the 21st Century,America must have educated,well-rounded young adults ready to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.That is why I am proud of the work done by the Trinity Family Life Center,and its commitment to guaranteeing our children are properly equipped with the life tools needed to not only succeed,but to succeed beyond everyone's expectations.  To all the students,what you've achieved here is another critcal step toward reaching your fullest potential.As you prepare to face the challenges of the future,I encourage you to continue to remember all that you've learned and all that you've achieved at Trinity. As you;ve learned here,it is the responsibilty of each one of us to practice,promote,and reinforce positive life choices to not only better ourses,but our entire community and our entire nation.  On behalf of the 3rd Congressional District, I wanted to also thank all the families,friends,andstaffand volunteers at Tinity Family Life Cente.Your hard work and dedication will help ensure that the next generation of Louisvillians will have the resouurces they need and the opportunities they deserve to succeed...   Again,thank you all for everything you do,and I hope our paths cross in the near future.   Sincerely John Yarmuth  Member of Congress
oct.25,2011  I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for giving me the time to submit my application.It hasn't even been a full week and I received a call for an interview this friday. Even though a job may not seem much to some people but it is definitely a blessing for me.It's people like you that really make a difference in people's lives even by the small things.So once again,I would like to say thank you and may God continue to bless you while you bless others!  Sincerely Tiffany Berry
Trinity Family, Just a thank you for helping me obtain employment with Jaui King.Since I begin working I have became a supervisor I have got two raises and im happy with what I have achived through Trinity.Your time and energy is very appreciated. Thomas Draper
I Kamica Winstead have been hired on gts staffing,because of the information that i was given.I have also started my own company called Immaculate Education 4 Us Inc and we are doing very well,becaude of the information that was given to me at Trinity Family,and the skills to be professional.for that thank you.  Thanks,Kamica Winstead
Larry Vwnson,I have been hired on at gts staffing for the livestock expo we are suppose to start there sometime in nov. and we will be working through out diferent events I recieved this job notice trough Trinity Family. Thanks,Larry Venson.
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